Enable quality conversations and drive exceptional patient care

ParlaiQ is a web-based application that simplifies patient engagement with customizable interviews and real-time feedback.

  • Developed and refined at UPMC, a world-renowned health care provider and insurer, where more than 20 hospitals currently use ParlaiQ to enhance the patient experience.
  • By using ParlaiQ, hospital leaders and clinicians can address non-clinical, patient-related issues in real-time to ultimately increase patient engagement and satisfaction.
  • Hospital employees can quickly resolve a patient’s questions or concerns and monitor conditions for patient safety using smartphones, tablets, and other secure handheld devices.

Who benefits from using ParlaiQ?


Patients are empowered to maximize their hospital experience through consistent interaction with hospital team members.


Improved patient experience increases the likelihood that users will remain loyal to the organization and recommend the network or provider to others.

Hospital Staff:

Access to real-time census and patient satisfaction data allows staff to monitor and prioritize patient needs.

Hospital Leadership:

Leadership can build a proactive and accountable patient-care environment and bolster teamwork at hospital and business unit levels.


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